Gift Certificate

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A gift purchased for someone you would like to bless with a retreat, program or spiritual direction.  Several options, listed at right, are available.  Contact the Center for more information. 360-438-2595

Spiritual Direction

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The Priory Spirituality Center
Spiritual Direction is a way of extending a"sustaining, welcoming environment: within a one-on-one relationship. It is a dynamic process where one can listen to self in order to reflect on life's questions in light of our Gospel call. Sessions typically last one hour. Multiple sessions can be scheduled. Read about our […]

Meeting Space

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The Priory Spirituality Center
Our conference rooms are available to 501(c)(3) non-profit groups such as government, school, and church groups. We are available for daytime group use Monday through Saturday. Our monastic grounds are quiet, peaceful and green with trees and other plants. Since January 2007, our monastic grounds have been smoke-free; you’ll enjoy breathing our fresh air. We […]

Private One-Day Retreat

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The Priory Spirituality Center
We also offer day retreats.  You will have a room to stay in and access to the Library, Center kitchen, and walking trails. Lunch is provided at no extra charge.

Private Overnight Retreat

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The Priory Spirituality Center
 Spiritual Direction is available for an added cost. We […]

Zoom: Summer Zentangle®

With Monika Ellis, OSB

July 2 - August 27, 2024
During this 9-week series we will explore various Zentangle patterns and what can be done with them. We will use color, colored paper and inks, paper with watercolor splashes; and create mosaics and more. No prior experience is needed - only a spirit of summer adventure. "Anything is possible one stroke at a time." These classes are all presented on Zoom and recorded. If you cannot attend all the classes, you'll receive the links to the recordings.  Tell your neighbors and friends about these sessions.  It's really fun to do the creating with someone, either side by side in person or on…

Hybrid: Contemplative Rest Practice on First Saturdays Monthly

With M Freeman

July 6, 2024
This Contemplative Rest Practice series is open to those who have taken a Contemplative Rest retreat with M Freeman. Each session offers opportunities for awe-savoring, somatic, guided meditations by M and silent resting-in-awe practice together as well as gentle time for group sharing, connecting, and cherishing the transporting benefit of communal contemplative practice. “All living beings will profit from your relaxation and energy. This is the most basic kind of peace work,” Thich Nhat Hanh writes in How to Relax. And when we practice together? “The energy is amplified,” he writes, “and you will create a powerful collective energy…for your…

Mindful Eating as a Christian Practice Retreat

With Rosemarie Oliver

July 12 - 14, 2024
As Christians, we believe that we meet God, the source of Love, in the Now. Mindfulness involves paying attention in the present moment without judgment and with self-compassion. A practice of mindful eating can increase our sense of the divine indwelling throughout our day. It can also help us access the inner wisdom of our bodies that we frequently do not hear or heed and nourish our whole selves-mind, body and spirit. This weekend is planned for you to experience mindful eating and mindfulness meditation from a Christian perspective.  We will meet on Friday afternoon for a session on…

Zoom: Introducing You to Yourself: Discovering the Wisdom of the Enneagram

With Jeffrey King

July 13, 2024
The Enneagram is a transformational wisdom path that identifies nine distinct strategies for relating to self, others and the world. It details the intricate system of the human personality. The Enneagram helps us understand both our gifts and ineffective patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior. It clearly shows us where we are and where we could be. The Enneagram opens up a deeper journey of self-discovery and spiritual formation. At the same time, it increases our understanding of others, particularly those in our family, faith community and workplaces. This workshop introduces the basic components of the Enneagram. It provides a…

Weekend Silent Centering Prayer Retreat: The Gift of Ordinary Time

With Sr. Anna-Camille Wooden, OSB

July 26 - 28, 2024
This in person retreat is the perfect place for those new to Centering Prayer and silent retreats to begin, as well as for experienced practitioners to have a chance to sit with others and experience a weekend of silence and rest. Readings for our sits and optional lectio will be centered on “ordinary time”, that time between holidays and yearly deadlines. A time to find the extraordinar in the ordinary. We will gather on Friday night to set our intention for the weekend and then begin our silence after a Centering Prayer sit. We will sit together throughout the weekend,…

Learning to Connect with your Higher Power

With Annika Wallendahl

August 2, 2024
From time to time, we may feel drawn to take more intentional steps to connect with our higher power. Perhaps you are exploring your spiritual connection with your higher power for the very first time. Or maybe after an extended season of stress, life changes, recovery, or busyness, you yearn to rekindle a connection you have felt in the past. This one-day retreat offers attendees an introduction (or reintroduction) to five “spiritual tools” that can be used to foster a deeper spiritual connection with their higher power. This non-denominational, experiential retreat will give attendees the opportunity to practice and experience different forms…

God the Artist: We the Co-Creators

With Lucy Wynkoop, OSB and Walter Siegle

August 3, 2024
God is the artist of our soul.  This retreat will stimulate our creative souls.  We will focus on our Potter God, using clay materials.  All creations will be handbuilt and a slab roller may be used. We will meet at The Priory Spirituality Center at 9am and drive to Walter Siegle’s clay studio in Shelton in carpools.  He will aid us with our creations.  All of us are artists, so come to play and pray!  The pieces will be glazed by Walter and you may pick them up at The Priory Spirituality Center after they are glazed. Register by prior Friday:…

Summer Walk – Forest Bathing

With Denise McDermott

August 3, 2024
Due to the great success of our Forest Bathing retreat last Fall, Cascadia Forest Therapy will be offering a series of Guided Forest Bathing Sessions honoring the gifts that each season has to offer.  Now continuing on with Summer and finishing again with Autumn - making a full circle through the seasons. Forest Bathing is a gentle and physically undemanding practice of being in a natural setting to slow down...awakening your senses to the present moment and allowing your mind to rest from its busy work. The practice is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in…

Handspinning and Prayer

With Evan Clendenin

August 10, 2024
This "pop-up" fiber workshop gives you the time and space to start handspinning with a drop spindle, as well as pauses for prayer, and invitations for conversation as you learn about the skills, materials and how these image-forth God's presence with you.