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Date & Time Details: Begins September 15, 2022

Oasis 2022-2023

With Oasis Presenters

September 15, 2022 - May 18, 2023

Do you yearn for rest, prayer and nurturing in your busy schedule? What would your life look like if you gave yourself two retreat opportunities and six quiet afternoons during the year? Silence, spiritual direction and Lectio Divina are available to aid your reflection.

Oasis 2022-23 theme is “Sacred Time: Embracing an Intentional Way of Life” from the book by Christine Valters Paintner.  The 6 quiet afternoons and 2 retreats along with a small group prayer during the teaching time and spiritual direction are a time for prayer and nurturing yourself.

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Oasis Presenters
Monika Ellis, OSB Retreat and Spiritual Director Masters in Education   Raphaela Cady, OSB Retreat Leader Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies   Mary Giles Mailhot, OSB Retreat and Spiritual Director Masters in Religious Studies   Laura Swan, OSB Retreat and Spiritual Director Masters in Theological Studies Masters in Church Ministry & Renewal   Lucy Wynkoop, OSB Retreat and Spiritual Director Master in Theology, concentration in Scripture Masters in Theology, concentration in Monastic Studies   Julian Cleary. OSB Retreat and Spiritual Director Attorney at Law, Master of Science in Nursing   Anna-Camille Wooden, OSB Retreat Leader, Master of Education Commissioned…
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