• $210.00 – Program Price for second session

Date & Time Details: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday and Wednesday - July 20 & 21

Zoom: Progoff Intensive Journal Workshop #2-Depth Contact

With Evelyn Wemhoff

July 20 - 21, 2021

This ongoing program enables individuals, to draw their life into focus and enlarge their capacities. The process is non-judgmental and non-diagnostic.  It honors privacy as well as the dignity of each person. The Progoff Journal is more than a Journal. It is an Inner Workbook using the methods developed by Ira Progoff, psychotherapist using Jungian ideas for creativity and spiritual experience.
In a deep and quiet atmosphere, you will learn techniques to enable you to use the Intensive Journal workbook. The workbook is the active instrument of the program. Its structure makes it a dynamic vehicle for journal feedback techniques  The Journal clarifies and helps to self-adjust the needs and potentials of your life. There are Three Workshops.  We will offer them separately for those who have taken the first or second already.
Workshop #2 is the next step of this journey and a continuation of the Life Context. Depth Contact (Prerequisite: Life context) gives us opportunities to draw upon our unconscious depths of dreams and imagery for active feedback procedures  The focus is the more than personal and is grounded in process meditation. It can give energy for personal change and consideration of inner directions. July 20 & 21
If you are signing up for this #2, you already are familiar with the Progoff method and have your journal.  Please call if you need any assistance: The Priory Spirituality Center 360-438-2595


Evelyn Wemhoff
Evelyn Wemhoff is a presenter of retreats and workshops at Shalom at the Monastery in Mt. Angel, Oregon that offers personal and spiritual growth programs. She is a spiritual director, retired licensed counselor, and was formerly director of WomanSpirit Center in the Seattle area that offered programs for women seeking to develop their lives. She has led Intensive Journal Programs for more than 30 years.
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