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Date & Time Details: June 18-20, 2021 (Friday evening-Sunday 3pm)

Zoom: Entering the Flow of Contemplation and Service through the 12 Steps of Humility Oblate Retreat

With Sr. Raphaela Cady

June 18 - 20, 2021

Sr. Raphaela will offer five 3 to 5 minute meditations on the flow of interior contemplation expressing itself outward in service to the our communities and the world and returning once again to interior contemplation as a ceaseless motion of the Spirit ascending and descending the ladder of humility. Each meditation will be assigned a suggested day and time frame to be viewed (such as Friday evening) as a component of this individual contemplative retreat but will also be made available to view anytime and as many times as desired. This retreat is designed to engage individuals on multiple levels beyond the critical thought processes as experienced through reading. However, for individuals for whom English is a second language or others who may benefit from having the words contained in the meditations in a text format, a Word document will be made available upon requested. On Sunday, afternoon at 2pm we will gather Zoom to share the fruits of our reflections.


Sr. Raphaela Cady
Sr. Raphaela Cady is a member of the Oblate team who engages the twelve steps of humility as found in Chapter 7 of the Rule of Benedict as a way of journeying into greater personal wholeness and consciously offering of self to her community and beyond as a by-product of living the Benedictine Rule. She enjoys creating through the use of different forms of media to help people encounter the Rule and the Divine Spirit through the many ways that God has given the human form to receive knowing. She is a gifted Zoom technician and in creating encounters through…
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