• $35.00 – Program Price

Date & Time Details: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Pacific Time, May 23, Sunday

Zoom: Musica Divina: Where Is Your Halleluja?

With Robin Harwood and Janice Ariza

May 23, 2021

Our lives are filled with searching for meaning and  purpose.  We think material possessions, personal fulfillment through education or a career will fill us with joy and happiness. Even though all of these human endeavors often give us some satisfaction, relationships with others are more often the most relied upon for love and the nurturing of our souls.

Using a contemporary song, we will create a sacred space using Musica Divina to listen to our hearts with the music and look to God for an unveiling of what really matters to us, what brings true happiness, and what is our own Halleluja.


Robin Harwood
Robin Harwood is interested in the intersection of spirituality, psychology, and the arts. She completed an MDiv before going on for her PhD in developmental psychology. She is a lifelong lover of music, poetry, and other art forms.
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Janice Ariza
Janice Ariza is a Saint Martin’s graduate and was a participating member of The Washington Museum Association for 10 years. She also served as Board President of The Karshner Museum in Puyallup. She has a lifelong interest in the spirituality of art.
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