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Date & Time Details: 8:45am-11:15am, Feb. 6, 2021, Saturday

Zoom: Benedictine Vocation Discernment

With Julian Cleary OSB and Lucy Wynkoop, OSB

February 6, 2021

 The Community of St. Placid welcomes you to experience the Benedictine way of life. Newer members will share their vocational journeys and formation stages to become Benedictines. St, Placid Community welcomes Catholics as members and Oblates of any denomination. No fee Benedictine Vocation Team at St. Placid: Sister Julian Cleary and Sister Lucy Wynkoop


Julian Cleary OSB
Sr Julian Cleary is a Benedictine Sister of St Placid Priory in Lacey, Washington. Along with Sr Lucy Wynkoop, she shares the position of Vocation Director. Sr Julian has served on the Seattle Archdiocesan Religious Vocation Committee for several years.  In addition, she serves as a Member Area Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest region in the National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC).  Sr Julian’s background as an attorney, nurse practitioner, and teacher broadens her vision of what Vocation can look like.
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Lucy Wynkoop, OSB
Lucy Wynkoop, OSB is a Benedictine who daily practices living from the heart.  She has an MA in Theology with a concentration in Monastic Studies.
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