• $45.00 – Partial Scholarships Available

Date & Time Details: 9am-11:30am PT, November 23, Monday

Zoom: Have I Been Faithful? 2nd Offering

With Lucy Wynkoop, OSB

November 23, 2020

Margaret Wheatley wrote a book called Who Do We Choose to Be? Her hope was to restore sanity to our world by inviting leaders (and all of us are leaders in some capacity) to choose to lead well in a time of collapse. Her reflection question for us is “What time is it on the clock of the world?” This workshop will be an invitation for us to be relational people who are generous, kind, creative and brave in restoring sanity. Through shared wisdom we will empower each other to be “cracked open” by the Spirit.

This is a repeat of the program offered on Oct. 24, 2020.


Lucy Wynkoop, OSB
Lucy Wynkoop, OSB is a reflective learner and an evocative questioner who has presented many workshops.
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