• $65.00 – Partial Scholarships Available

Date & Time Details: October 31 Saturday, 9:00am-3:00pm PST

Zoom: Celtic Herbs, Folklore and Healing Practices

With Jane Valencia and Erin Durrett

October 31, 2020

Through the lens of Celtic heritage, we’ll honor our Dead within an expression of an intimate conversation woven of community, the land, and the Sacred, and shepherded by the generosity and blessing of the herbs and trees. We’ll touch into Scottish, Irish, and Welsh folk customs, myth, music and plantlore not to imitate or appropriate, but to awaken our hearts to celebrating our beloved Dead in spontaneous, deep-felt ways, and to them perhaps celebrating us. Our day will be interspersed with solo time outdoors and in reflection and simple ceremony.


Jane Valencia
Jane Valencia is a herbalist, nature instructor, and harper-storyteller. Jane loves helping others discover the wisdom, beauty, and practical knowledge for health and wellness found within medieval and folk healing traditions.Visit Jane and Erin at  
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Erin Durrett
A cantor, chant specialist, and Director of Music Ministries and the “Explore Celtic Spirituality”series at Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal) on Vashon Island, Erin brings her love and knowledge of mythic Ireland, sacred and poetic text, and music to this workshop. Visit Jane and Erin at
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