• $20.00 – Week One Only

Date & Time Details: 9:30 am -11:00 am PST, Friday, October 23,2020

Zoom: Preparing the Way – Week 1 (Or: sign up for series below)

With Tricia Burns

October 23, 2020

Join us for prayer, faith sharing and exploration of the Gospel of Matthew.  This week we break open the word reading MT 22:34 – 40 The Greatest Commandments. We will discuss how Jesus’ love commandments are the root of all the Torah laws and continue to impact us.  Our reflection and discussion will focus on how words bring meaning to our life today, and how they inspire a sense of putting our faith into action.  Members will be invited to participate in reading, faith sharing, and personal prayer.


Tricia Burns
Tricia Burns has worked in parish ministry throughout her life. She has facilitated scripture and faith sharing groups for over 20 years. Tricia has a Masters in Pastoral Ministry from Seattle University and is in Formation at St. Placid Priory.
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