Janice Ariza

Janice Ariza is a Saint Martin’s graduate with an Interdisciplinary degree in history and religious studies. Currently, Janice works as the Spirituality Center Coordinator for St. Placid. As a participating member of The Washington Museum Association for 10 years, she observed the depth of creativity in humanity. She served as Board President of The Karshner Museum in Puyallup supporting the Arts through educational events.  Her interest is in the spirituality of the arts and how they replenish the soul through viewing, listening and experiencing is ongoing and an everyday part of her life.


Events with Janice Ariza

Zoom Hybrid: Spiritual Tools 2023-24 - Dec 14 session
December 14, 2023

Spiritual Tools for Artists has a new format with a series of seven topics. We are calling it Rendering the Ground: An Art and Spiritual Direction Series. and will begin with the theme of coming to the table. In this 7 session series, with 6 sessions left, are now on the second topic, Beautiful Utility.  The group will be continuing to explore a diverse set of artistic themes, movements, and objects. Painting, carving, furniture, buildings, and more. We hope to provide you with art appreciation and spiritual direction in a kind and open-hearted group setting. In a grounded and listening…