Monty Smith

Monty Smith, who served  as  United Methodist pastor for 25 years,  works now as a Life and Leadership Coach. His daily meditation and coaching  emphasize embodied practices.  The question “ how can  daily life be practice ?”  has sat in him for decades.  He holds  BA, JD, and M.Div degrees and certificates in coaching and purpose guiding.

Events with Monty Smith

Meditation and Prayer for Urban Contemplatives
June 18 - July 2, 2024

Connecting with the presence of God through all things. Ancient practices based on inspiration, intuition and experience have been scientifically investigated for efficacy, benefits and potential dangers. This courses surveys the contemporary why, how and what of  meditation from an experiential and scientific perspective.  The course offers a scientifically informed foundation for daily meditation and prayer practices while addressing religious diversity and individual  differences.