Julian Cleary OSB

Sr Julian Cleary, OSB, has practiced disability law for about 25 years.  More recently she has engaged in immigration work.  To Sr. Julian the Reverend Howard Thurman has been a model and a mentor in absentia of inner transformation, peaceful advocacy, and  a purveyor of dignity and respect to all.

Events with Julian Cleary OSB

Hybrid: Coming Alive with Howard Thurman
January 13, 2024

Mystic Howard Thurman was a student of Gandhi and spiritual mentor to Martin Luther King along with other leaders in the civil rights movement. Join us for a contemplative exploration of the prophetic teachings of Thurman whose compassionate voice is needed more than ever. Some lecture content, interactive sharing, and contemplative time will be the springboard into a greater understanding of the fruitful quiet within which Thurman strove for deep peace and unity. The questions Thurman asked of his students:  “Who are you, really, and Who do you want to be?:” questions we pose with this glimpse of Thurman’s life and…