How to Use Zoom

Step 1: Download the Zoom app. You can download this quickly and for free from the Zoom website or your favorite app store. There is a Zoom app for smart phones too. Once you have downloaded the app you won’t need to deal with it again. It will automatically open when needed.

Step 2: Watch for your invitation. Whoever is hosting the Zoom session will send you an e-mail with your “invitation.” This is the link to the Zoom meeting. Just before the meeting is scheduled to start, click on the blue link. It will take you to the meeting.

Depending on how your host has set up the meeting you may be there as the first person or with other guests before the host. Or you may see a message that tells you to wait until the host starts the meeting. Don’t do anything. Just wait for the meeting to start.

If you are using a laptop click on “join with computer audio” for the correct sound setting.


Helpful notes

  • The invitation that will be in the body of the e-mail can look lengthy and a bit confusing, depending on how your host edits it. Just ignore everything except the blue link. It may be in the form of a typical e-mail address or it may be a descriptive title of the meeting. Doesn’t matter. If it’s blue, it’s what you need to click on.
  • Dialing in by smart phone. You can use the internet on your phone or you can dial in. The directions for dialing in are in the invitation. You can be present in a Zoom meeting with audio only if you need to.
  • If you have activity going on around you or want to maximize privacy, headphones are a nice option, especially ones with a mic.
  • Watch the mute! Get acquainted with your mute button. It should be on the bottom left of your Zoom meeting screen. It is just an easy one click on and off. If you step away from the screen turn on the mute. It is amazing how far sound can carry and how much can be heard!
  • You can also adjust how you see the participants. I prefer a “Gallery View.” I can see everyone. That option should be in the top right of your Zoom meeting screen.


Don’t worry – you will be an experienced Zoomer in no time!