Stages of Monastic Formation

Stages of Monastic Formation

What are the stages of entering at St. Placid Priory?

Candidacy: a woman chooses to publicly associate herself with St. Placid’s community for the sake of learning more about the Benedictine life with the intention of seeking admission. Usual length of time: Four months to two years.

Pre-Novitiate: a woman begins to live the Benedictine monastic life in our community. We balance her schedule of classes and work with the need to maintain contact with family and friends. Moving into monastic culture and our particular way of life is a significant life transition. Usual length of time: Six months to two years.

Canonical Novitiate: the novice limits her contact outside community in order to immerse herself in our life. This allows her to deepen her discernment of her call with the Initial Formation team. She studies the Rule of Benedict and the meaning of Monastic Profession during this year. Usual length of time: One year.

Temporary Profession: the newly professed Sister is fully involved in the life and work of our monastery. She enters into ministry or may begin preparation for a new ministry. Length of time: Three to six years before perpetual profession.

Perpetual Monastic Profession: At Perpetual Profession, we surrender fully and finally our lives of prayer, ministry and leadership. Our gifts and limitations now belong to the community. Our profession ring, which dates back about 800 years to Nonnberg Abbey (Austria), is received as the mark of our profession.