Become a Nun

Welcome sign at Priory Spirituality CenterMonastic Experience Opportunity

Come stay with us for a few days and begin exploring the possibility of a religious vocation. If you have wondered whether you might be called to religious life, and have questions about how to discern God’s call, a stay in our monastery (for single, Catholic women) is a helpful way to begin. You will have an opportunity to enter into the rhythm of monastic life, joining the Sisters for Liturgy of the Hours, Eucharist, meals and social gatherings. Other possibilities: Be introduced to monastic prayer (Liturgy of the Hours, Lectio, contemplative prayer), the formation process, practical issues, and daily life in the community. Come and see!  Contact Sister Lucy Wynkoop at 360-438-1771 for arrangements.

TO VIEW OR PRINT OUT:  St. Placid’s Vocation Brochure

On Being Benedictine

What are characteristics of Benedictine spirituality?

As an ancient desert monastic once replied to the question, “What do you do in the monastery?”– “We fall and get up, fall and get up…” but we strive for these qualities:

Sisters Monika, Maureen and Laura sing in the Schola
  • Seeking God in the present moment.
  •     Hospitality of heart (an openness to all of life).
  •     Faithfulness to a rhythm of life (sticking to the same thing everyday).
  •     Reverence for persons and creation.
  •     Living, praying, listening and playing in community.
  •     Being nourished and formed by the Scriptures and other Sacred Texts.
  •     Valuing the environment.
  •     Doing justice.

What is the Monastic Promise Benedictines make?

The Benedictine way is one of total self-surrender to God and a particular monastic community. We leave our independent self at the altar and become one with the monastic community. Our promise includes:

Obedience – A way of listening within the context of community to all of life, and discerning God’s call in the midst of this.
Conversion of Life – Attentiveness to daily change and transformation.
Stability – Living faithfully with God in a particular community.
Celibate lifestyle and inclusive, nurturing friendships.
Simplicity – Goods shared in common.

Will I be able to continue or develop a profession?

Benedictines are involved in a variety of professions. Benedict does not specify any particular work. At St. Placid we encourage each person to use her gifts and to work in a profession that is in keeping with the monastic life. Sister Angela Hoffman taught biochemistry and did research for years at the University of Portland, and as our current prioress continues to teach at Saint Martin’s University here in Lacey, WA. Sister Laura Swan writes and has published several books, and sometimes teaches at Saint Martin’s University.

Can I still maintain a relationship with my family and friends?

We encourage family and friends to visit St. Placid Priory and to stay as guests at The Priory Spirituality Center. Community members also keep in contact by telephone, e-mail, snail-mail, and visiting with family and friends.

The Fundamentals of a Call to St. Placid Priory

image of woods trail signA woman considering our community is:

  •     Roman Catholic active in a faith community
  •     Cultivating a prayer life
  •     Unmarried (if divorced, an annulment has been granted)
  •     Financially free (no credit card debt; no obligation to support someone else)
  •     In good health; physically and emotionally able to make mature and free decisions
  •     Enjoying happy, healthy friendships. Able to live with one’s own and others’ limitations.
  •     Generally 25-45 years old. Exceptions considered on an individual basis.

What are some signs that I might be ready to talk to the Vocation Director?

  •     I feel strongly drawn to St. Placid Priory.
  •     I am deeply attracted to a contemplative, monastic way of life.
  •     I am comfortable with silence.
  •     I want to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.
  •     I feel like there is “something more” to life than I have now.

TO VIEW OR PRINT OUT:  St. Placid’s Vocation Brochure