Christian & Muslim Understandings of Spiritual Practices

Sunday March 26, 2017
1:30-3:00 PM
St. Placid Priory Multi-Purpose Room

Christian and Muslim spiritual practices share the primary intention of growing closer to God. We will explore Muslim and Benedictine Christian teachings regarding prayer and spirituality, and how followers of both traditions strive to remember God and live in the presence of God. Understanding each other on this level enables us to deeply appreciate and pray with the “religious other.” We will conclude with a prayer experience using passages from the Qur’an and the Bible with a very similar message.

Abbot Timothy Wright, who wrote No Peace without Prayer, is unable to present the workshop due to a recent surgery. Sanaa Joy Carey, a Muslim, and Sister Lucy Wynkoop, a Benedictine, will facilitate the session. Dr. Joy Carey has been a Muslim for 27 years, and has studied Islam and the Qur’an on a bi-weekly basis with a Qur’anic scholar since 1997. She is a former president of the Muslim Association of Puget Sound Interfaith and Outreach Committee, and remains active in many kinds of interfaith efforts. Sister Lucy Wynkoop has been a Benedictine Sister for 56 years. She has two Masters degrees in Theology, with concentrations in Scripture and Monastic Studies, and has co-authored Lectio Divina: Contemplative Awakening and Awareness. She is the program director of The Priory Spirituality Center which fosters prayer and retreat experiences for all denominations.

No charge, but a donation basket will be available for Sanaa Joy Carey.