1971 – New Tabernacle & Newly Ordained Future Chaplain

Father Gerard Kirsch


February 25 – The newly ordained Father Gerard Kirsch celebrated Mass at the Priory. He would eventually become our chaplain for 40 years.

April 16 – Our new tabernacle, made in Bremen, Germany, arrived and was installed in our chapel.


April – Sister Damaris Zander earned her practical nursing degree and joined Sister Mary at St. Peter’s hospital. Both sisters also nursed our elderly sisters at home.

June 6 – In the “trial and error” years after the Second Vatican Council, Benedictines – like their Apostolic sisters – were asked to make their final professions in their home parish rather than at their monastery. Sister Angela Hoffman made her final profession at Sacred Heart parish. This is the first time one of our sisters made her profession at their home parish rather than in the monastery chapel. The following week, Sister Caron Dwyer made her final profession at Assumption parish in Seattle.

November – Sister Placidia Haehn served as a Visitator at Saint Benedict’s, our founding house. She was the first sister in our monastery called to this ministry.