1954 – All Saint’s School, and a First Initial Profession

Mother Placidia and Abbot Raphael had been discussing possible locations for a girls high school (the monks ran a boys high school) as the current location of our priory in West Olympia was not feasible for a girl’s high school. Thus Abbot Raphael proposed giving a portion of their lands to us. How much and where would be decided once the state, who had notified the monks that the new interstate would cut through a portion of their land, decided exactly where to place the interstate.

July – Novice Patricia Regan became Sister Ruth, our first initial profession.

August – our sisters were appointed to staff the new All Saint’s School in Puyallup. Sisters Claude Rieland, DeLourdes Magyar, Stephanie St. Martin, Oliver (Rosemarie) Terwey, and Hilberta Ludwig staffed the new mission.