1952 – The First Priory

Blessing of the Priory in 1952

After more than a year of searching, the sisters decided upon a home sitting on five acres in a west Olympia area called Mud Bay. The sisters did not consider this a permanent option but one that served their purposes “for now.”

On June 28th – Archbishop Connolly finally signed the necessary paperwork and the mission in the Pacific Northwest became an independent monastery. Thirty-five Sisters from St. Benedict Monastery became our founding members. In their first Chapter, the Sisters voted to name their new monastery St. Placid Priory, in honor of Sister Placidia Haehn who led the efforts to establish an independent priory in the archdiocese (at the request of Mother Rosamond, Federation President).

Mother Placidia Haehn


Mother Placidia Haehn was elected as our first Prioress. We be-  came the third monastery to join the Federation of St. Benedict.